The Menlo Park Fire Protection District (https://www.menlofire.org) is a “special district,” which in California is a standalone government agency that is separate from any other city or county agency. It is not a department of the City of Menlo Park, unlike municipal fire departments in neighboring cities such as Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Redwood City.  Indeed, it is older than the City of Menlo Park itself.  

It provides fire and emergency medical services to the City of East Palo Alto, the City of Menlo Park, the Town of Atherton, and the neighboring areas of unincorporated San Mateo County.  Counting both residents and employees, it serves over 100,000 people with seven fire stations and 120 people, roughly 90 of whom are firefighters and paramedics.  It has an annual budget of almost $60 million per year and receives more in property tax revenues that do its three constituent cities and town combined.

Protecting public safety is one of the highest duties of government.  Having well-trained and well-equipped first responders is essential in the event of daily emergencies and occasional disasters.  Equally important is effective prevention to reduce the frequency of emergency events and thorough preparation to minimize the impacts of emergencies and disasters upon our lives, our work, our homes, and our environment. 

In short, the Fire Protection District is important to everyone who lives and works within the District’s boundaries in a very significant way.  Our lives depend on it.

(Action photos courtesy of Menlo Park Fire)

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