Initiated a strategic planning process

- I planned, initiated, and conducted the first strategic planning session for the Board of Directors in July.

- As chairperson of the Strategic Planning Committee this year, I have conducted meetings every month since January, something that has not been done previously in my five years of Board service. 

- As a member of the Strategic Planning Committee, I introduced a motion to engage a facilitator to continue the strategic planning process, which was approved unanimously by the whole Board.

Encouraged improvements in financial reporting and analysis

- I have requested and assisted in the development of presentations of financial information by the District to improve the public’s ability to understand the Districts finances.

- I conducted a District Board meeting at East Palo City Hall on potential pension plan reforms, with presentations by a pension analyst and Chuck Reed, the former city manager of San Jose.

- I have provided ideas and templates for a formal capital budget, which should be presented soon to the Board.

Improved relationships with neighboring agencies

- As part of our effort to improve our relationships with neighboring agencies, I initiated the first formal meeting between elected officials from the Board of Supervisors and our Board to discuss issues of mutual concern and interest.

- I initiated and led the first formal meeting between the East Palo Alto’s City Council and the Fire Board to discuss issues of mutual concern and interest.

Helped build CERT and local volunteer groups

- I co-wrote a $1 million, five-year marketing plan for CERT that was approved unanimously by the Fire Board and is now being implemented.

-I have been teaching the “Get Ready” preparedness course at local churches and apartment complexes, and am currently teaching “Get Ready” in East Palo Alto every other month (alternating with the Spanish-language session).  

-I served on the steering committee of Menlo Park’s Willows CERT group that conducted trainings for local volunteers.

-I currently serve on East Palo Alto’s CERT group and am head of the “Instruction/Education” committee that coordinates outreach to the community.

Participated in regional activities as a representative of the Fire District

- I was elected by representatives of all the special districts in San Mateo County to represent them on the Countywide Oversight Board that is administering the disposition of over $400 million in assets from the County’s former redevelopment agencies.