Rick DeGolia, Council Member

Mike Lempres, Council Member

Elizabeth Lewis, Council Member

Ann McPherson

Mike McPherson

Tom Prussing, Chair, CCM Executive Committee

Bill Widmer, Council Member

Menlo Park

Telesia Alusa

Bob Arabian

Scott Barnum, CCM Executive Board

John Boyle

Liz Bradley

Vince Bressler

Denise Brown

Morris Brown

Catherine Carlton, Council Member

Virginia Davis

Lee Duboc

Patti Fry

JoAnne Goldberg

Diane Hart

Peter Hart

David Hauk

Brian Kissel

Richard Li

Shirley Li

Jim Long

Lou Moffett

Ned Moritz, President, West Bay Sanitary District

Jack Morris

Ray Mueller, Council Member 

Perla Ni

Steve Rasmussen

Henry Riggs, Planning Commissioner

Stu Softer

Roy Thiele-Sardiña, Treasurer, West Bay Sanitary District

Ross Wilson

Teresa Wilson

East Palo Alto

Drake Diedrich

Luis Guzman

Lisa Gauthier, Council Member & Vice Mayor

Laura Martinez

Larry Moody, Council Member

Dennis Parker

Carlos Romero, Council Member

Isaac Stevenson, Jr, Senior Advisory Committee

Romain Taniere

William Webster, Member, Rent Stabilization Board

Unincorporated San Mateo County

Virginia Chang-Kiraly, Director, MP Fire Protection District

Mary Gilles

Carolyn Mosby

Jon Mosby, kf6rfq 

Mike Shannahan, Vice Chair, CCM Executive Committee

Outside District

Guillaume Bablier

Paul Collacchi

Mickie Winkler

As a matter of personal policy, I do not accept endorsements from,  nor do I offer endorsements to, candidates in local campaigns.  As president of the Board of Directors, I want to continue to build bridges with our neighboring public agencies and to avoid meaningless endorsements that are politically motivated.